Salt Cave Energy Flow Workshop

Salt Cave Energy Flow Workshop

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'Relax...Think...Energize with Rick in the soothing comfort of a 
Himalayan Salt Cave! With that, your subtle energies will flow smoothly providing
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being'. With this educational presentation Rick will invite you to step into a domain that exists
beyond the world of appearances while dancing with the unseen forces within and around you. When finished you will be 'buzzing' with aroused energies flowing through your many energy systems which include your chakras, aura, grid and radiant electrics.

You will be guided through to further awaken your eternal energies with the Energy Healing exercises of full Body Tapping. You will start by laying on your back on your yoga mat and do some relaxing toe tapping which stimulates the subtle energies housed within your lower extremities. You will then stand to move the energies throughout your entire body by tapping first your abdomen and then move to your chest, arms, neck area, lower back, buttocks and then legs.

Prices vary based on class location, length of time and number of people.

Location: Salt of Earth, Sterling Yoga or Peace Love & Zen

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